Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lawyers Dismissed

Two pro bono lawyers broke into tears at a press conference after they met Deng Yujiao, the 21 years old who killed a communist party official when she was attacked by three of them.

Lawyer Xia Lin told reporters that he had obtained direct evidence of the crime on Deng's bra and underwear. Xia also appealed publicly to his alma mater, The Southwestern Law School a prominent law school, to step in this apparent injustice case.

In an following up interview with the South Metropolitan Daily, the director of the police bureau of the Badong County, Mr. Yang Liyong stated police had no interest in examining the evidence presented by the lawyers.

On May 22, 2009, the Badong County news conference said the two lawyers violated laws by disclosing information after meeting Deng Yujiao. The only clause in current law against leaking information is about national secret. The badong County government is telling the world that the rape case has been escalated to national secret.

The dismissal of the two lawyers was full of drama. The government announced the two lawyers were fired by Deng's mother in the press conference in the morning. The two lawyers were then contacted by Deng's mother, who was surprised by the news. Deng's mother told other media she didn't fire the lawyers and she did not knew what happened. Then Deng's mother was abducted by the government for a few hours. After being released in the afternoon, Deng's mother told the media she had fired the two lawyers. The two lawyers were dismissed subsequently. Deng's mother was reportedly placed under control of the police. In a similar case in Shanghai, Yang Jia's mother was placed in a mental facility for six months. Without delay, two local lawyers contracted by the local government was hired by Deng's mother to represent Deng Yujiao.

However, until today, Deng's mother hasn't officially fired the two lawyers from Beijing. Legally speaking, the two new lawyers had already violated the 'Act of Lawyers' for knowing signing on the case before the original lawyers were terminated. The two 'bad guys' here are Wang Shaopeng and Liu Gang. Both Wang and Liu made their fortune by representing corrupted officials in bribery cases.

The State Council News Office informed news websites and portals, they should immediately 'cool down' the coverage of the Deng Yujiao case. Specifically, related news should not be placed on the first page or headline area. Only the official New China (Xinhua Agency)'s article could be posted. Readers' comments must be controlled, and approved case by case. All information about grassroots 'open letter', 'petition', 'invite for participation' about this case should be deleted. Any attacks to the Dear Party and the government and communist justice system, advocate to democracy, human rights, should be deleted.

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