Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cheering for the Government Is Our Last Freedom

For those who unfortunately born in China, cheering for the government is the last freedom Chinese people enjoys. Knowing this is the key to understand many mysterious puzzles. Enjoy it while you still can.

In a recent Top Internet Commenter award ceremony, the Xinhua News Agency awarded 10 best Internet Commentators. Internet Commentator are people who are paid by the Communism Party's Central Propaganda Department to make 'harmonic' comments on the Internet while disguised themselves as ordinary Internet surfers. Many of them are full time employees of the propaganda branch, but many do have a day job in real life. One of the award winning commentator is nicked 'hailing' king, thanks to the dozens of comments he posted to the Internet with 'hail to' in the title, a sample of which are:

Hail to the decision to allow flights from Mexico to arrive Shanghai on time!
Hail to the highest leader to use urban languages in annual report!
Hail to the simple ceremony of the No. 1 dam of the world!
Hail to the confinement demonstrated by dear leader Liu Qi (mayor of Beijing)!
Hail to the complete success of Mr. Zhang Yimou (on Olympic Opening Ceremony)!
Hail to the intelligent response by the spokesman of Foreign Ministry on Shoe Attack!
Hail to the Communism Party Provincial boss' exploratory attitude!
Hail to the election success of Margaret Chan Fung Fu-chun to be the Director General of the WHO!
Hail to the stage show based on 'Capitalism'!
Hail to the Chinese flag to be flying in the space!
Hail to the Dear Leaders to invite suggestions from experts!
Hail to the third generation of Chairman Mao's family not showing interest in politics!
Hail to the France president for making a right decision!
Hail to another great success!
Hail to no single family is jobless!
Hail to the elite mentality of the senate!
Hail to the media exposure of the representatives!

Internet Commentators usually get paid for .50 RMB Yuan ($0.09) for each article they posted on the Internet, which made them known as a nick name 'Wu Mao (five dimes)'. A dedicated Wumao produces hundreds, even thousands posts on a typical day. They are also referred to as 'Party of Wu Mao', because they usually launch coordinated attacks even they do not know each other.

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