Thursday, May 21, 2009

Legality Issue in Deng Yujiao's Case

Twenty one years old Deng Yujiao is a staff in a small town resort in remote eastern Sichuan, until the evening of May 10, 2009. Three local officials, after dined with a local business (treated by the business because they helped to suppress a labor uprising), arrived the place and found Deng washing her clothing in the laundry room. The officials asked Deng to perform 'Special' service (sex). Deng refused. Then Deng ran to employee lounge to hide. The officials followed Deng to the lounge. One of the officials used a big stack of money bill to slap Deng Yujiao's face, and firmly demanded special service as a self-claimed 'wealthy customer'. Deng tried to run away, but was blocked by the other two officials. The first official lost his patience, and pressed Deng Yujiao to the bed. Deng managed to get away. The first official again pressed Deng Yujiao to the bed. While the second and the third officials pressing Deng Yujiao to the bed, the first official raped Deng. After the first official got off from Deng, Deng managed to grab a pedicure knife she used at work and struck the first official four times. Deng Yujiao called police while fencing the officials with her pedicure knife. After police arrived, the first official fell, and died later.

Shen Zhen Red Song Club, a left-wing Maoist group will dedicate its weekly gathering on May 24 to 'Heroine Deng Yujiao'. This is one of few moment when left and right in China's political composition agrees and recognizes a common ground. Outside the political turmoil, people are outraged. The entire online presence of Chinese language are covered with petition to honor Deng Yujiao as a hero.

Yet the police, under guidance of a special task force of the central government, charged Deng Yujiao with the most serious and absurd crime, premeditated First Degree Murder. The central government is sending an unambiguous signal to its base, the 7 million strong government officials, that the Party will take care of them, if they take care of the Party.

After Deng called the police to report the (rape) crime, Deng was placed under police control in a mental facility. Nobody, including her mother and lawyers, could visit her even after repeated petitions. Yet, police arranged various party to 'examine' and evaluate Deng Yujiao, and have TV station to air some of the footage they took showing Deng being bond to the bed. The Chinese police not only feels comfortable using mental facility, but is also proud to show off it's power to everyone who might challenge the system. The message is clear: the smallest offense to the lowest officials must be punished to the extreme.

It is particular shameful, and sad, to see Beijing University Director Sun Dongdong advocating the mandatory power of police by claiming ninety-nine percent (99%) of persons who disagree with the government are suffering from mental problem, and that the most humane thing to do is to lock them up. After dozens years of evolution under the Communism ruling, The Beijing University has matured into an active and proud in house slave of the communist regime.

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