Friday, May 15, 2009

Swine Flu Enlisted Memory Dampening Agent

The swine flu has been enlisted by the Chinese Communist Party to blockade any memory of the 20 anniversaries of the Tian'anmen Massacre on June 4th.

Swine flu has been occupying every front pages of major newspapers, and jammed every channel of broadcast. Individuals in China is feeling the horror of dying from the terminator flu in a virtual reality created by the propaganda department. So far this has been very successful, but only time will tell how long will the force last. Every physicist knows that it demands extraordinary energy supply to support the virtual reality environment of this scale.

After twenty years of non-stop brain washing, the newer generation in China had little opportunity of knowing what happened on Tian'anmen Square in 1989. A few years early Harvard asked 5 of its incoming graduate students from China about the Tian'anmen Massacre, only one of them have heard of the mentioning of the term somewhere. Two years ago, a local newspaper in Chongqing was suspended because it published a paid commercial which 'solute to mothers of June 4 victims'. The youngeditor confessed that he though 'June 4th' was referring to a mine accident.

Exaggerating the flu made mainland Chinese not only unwelcoming any visitors from abroad, but also are more eager to report any suspicious persons not from local community.

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