Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why Ordianry Chinese Glad to See Souter Gone

Justice David Souter's argument for local government to evict residents for chimerical development on eminent domain (Kelo vs City of New London) had been controversial in the US, but also frequently referred to, by the communists propaganda branches in China.

Many homes were evicted by force. Homeowners were kidnapped, beaten, thrown in jail, and in many cased killed so that their property could be used by private developers, often associated with corrupted government officials.

In a recent case in Taiyuan, the capital city of Shanxi Province, home owner Zhang and his wife was bitten by dogs, then thrown in dog cages to be carried to a warehouse while the eviction took place. The developer was a state-owned enterprise in this case, the China Travel (Zhong-Lv) Group.

After his retirement, David would have leisure time to do some travelling. If he needs a specific destination, the aforementioned case happened at Budg 1, Region K, East Bridge (Qiaodong) Street, Yingze District, Taiyuan, Shanxi of China. By the time he got there, the victims homes should already been replaced by shiny new commercial development to appeal to his eyes. He should then have another reason to applaud for a swift resolution to sacrifice a little freedom to boost the economy.

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