Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bo Guagua Named Top Ten British Chinese

Mr. Bo Guagua, the son of the CCP Politburo member Bo Xilai, was named top ten "Big Ben" Chinese British of year 2009.

Bo Guagua was the first mainland Chinese student (the Seagull: not true) to attend famous (the Seagull: not really) Balliol College of Oxford University. After the Sichuan Earthquake, he established (the Seagull: Bo Guagua was one of the organizers) a committee which raised more than 15,000 Pounds.

Others on the list: billiards player Fu Jiajun, producer and director He Xueyi, financial analyst Meng Mingyi, financial consultant Liao Jinyang, grommet expert Huang Jingyi, fashion consultant Guk Wen, representative Cheng Deren, viloinst Chen Mei, architect Fan Tie.

Bo Xilai is a typical example of the younger Chinese communist leadership raising to top political power riding through their parents influence. Bo Xilai's father Bo Yibo was a senior official of the CCP.

Bo Guagua's life so far has been a mirror of Bo Xilai.

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