Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Deconstructing The Sacking of Wang Zhiye

Wang Zhiye was the diciplainary secretary, No. 3 behind the secreatary, deputy secretary of CCP in Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan Province. Wang was reprimended on a tin of dated tea.

The drama started in a morning of August 2007. Three padlers bought a truckload of waste from Wang's home, including a tin of dated tea which they paid 30 cents RMB ($0.05) for. Later they found a CD of over 2 million RMB ($400,000) inside the tin. Knowing the money must not be legal in the first place, the padlers neogiciated a deal to return the CD on 300 thousand RMB Yuan ($40,000) kick back. They were arrested by police and sentenced to jail.

On another thread of the develoopment of the story in September 2007, over monetary dispute, a mistress of Wang sent letters to seventeen agencies to disclose Wang's corruptive life style.

Wang survived the two incidents after a masterful covering up campaign. However, he was exposed by an 'internal reference' by the Xinhua News Agency's Henan Office. The Xinhua News Agency is not only a prapaganda machine, but also a secret agency in charged of monitoring the officials. Reporters of the News Agency write 'internal reference' that is available to only senior officials of CCP. Within 24 hours, Wang was jailed. It was revealed Wang took 4 million RMB Yuan in bribary in varies occations.

In a rare manner, the entire saga was published high-profile, for reason unclear. Wang was repelled from the Party, but otherwise undented. It is hard to interpret this as a message that the central government is using a heavy hand on corruptions of senior officials. On the opposite, it is speculated that publishing the handling of this case is to deter people from harrassing senior officials.

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