Saturday, May 30, 2009

Historic Waterway Blockage

The water way between Yichang and Badong was closed for the first time after the Japanese invasion in WWII by the government, so the petition groups from all over the country could not reach Badong, the crime place of the rape case of Deng Yujiao.

After being sexually assaulted and beaten by three government officials and Communist Party members, Deng stabbed one of the officials with a pedicure knife. The official and party member died later. The police, headed by a special task force directly from the Ministry of Public Safety, had charged Deng Yujiao with first degree murder, which enraged people across the entire country. Dozens groups of volunteer lawyers went to Badong from major cities to provide pro bono defense for Deng. Tens of hundreds of reporters flooded the little remote town of Sanguan, where the crime took place. In addition to mount petitions and protests in major cities, many ordinary people are rushing to Badong to show support.

Because of the geographic location, the only easily accessible path to get in and out Badong is through the waterway from Yichang. The waterway is closed by the government from May 28, 2009, so that outsider couldn't come. This is the second time in Chinese history this particular waterway was closed, after the anti-Japanese invasion war in WWII.

For Communists Party, the ordinary Chinese people are their worse enemy than Japanese imperial army. On the other hand, the Deng case was a perfect case to draw people's attention away from the 20 years anniversaries of the Tian'anmen Massacre. Ironically, the CCP government determined that the regime could only be saved by pigs and rapists.

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