Friday, May 08, 2009

Chinese Doctor Helps Kids Stay Away From Internet

Mr. Yang Yongxin is director of the 'Internet Rehabilitation Center' of the Forth People's Hospital of Linyin of Shandong Province. His center has helped near 3,000 kids to stay away from the Internet in the past 3 years. His weapon is the shock gun seen in the photo.

Kids who are obsessed in Online life are checked in by their parents, mostly local farmers. They will stay in the center for two weeks, during the period usually they would be shocked by electricity multiple times a day. A student described his feeling as 'you would rather die'. Some was shocked into vomiting. The Chinese word 'electric shock' was masked by a white cloth tape (as seen in the picture). The electricity range of this device is from 10 mA to 200 mA.

Although Yang claims the center has a heal ratio of 100%, there are many kids who have been checked in multiple times by their parents. Parents welcome the center. Some paid 2000-3000 Yuan RMB ($500) just to get in.

The host of the center, the Fourth People's Hospital of Linyi, was a mental facility. Although parents do not think their kids suffer from mental problem, they agreed with Yang's treatment. Many observed their kids started following their orders after being shocked by Yang. Some would ask for more shocks.

In year 2008, the Chinese Ministry of Health recognized obsession of Internet Usage a mental illness.